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We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of fabrics. The fabrics range comprises of knitted hosiery fabric of a variety of knits, blends, textures and styles, single jersey, pique, honeycombed, fleece, double jersey, rib, interlock, jacquards, auto-striped fabrics, pointels, flat knit collars and other fancy fabrics in cotton, viscose, rayon, polyester and their blends both with and without lycra.

Fabrics can be made from many materials. These materials come from four main sources: animal, plant, mineral and synthetic. In the past fabrics were made from natural fibres, including plant, animal and mineral sources. A synthetic textile is a variety of contemporary fabrics. All synthetic textiles are used primarily in the production of clothing. Polyester fiber is used in all types of clothing, either alone or blended with fibers such as cotton. Aramid fibre is used for flame retardant clothing, cut protection and armor. Acrylic is fiber used to imitate wools, including cashmere and is often used in replacement of them. Nylon is a fibre used to imitate; it is used in the production of pantyhose. Thicker nylon fibers are used in rope and outdoor clothing. Spandex is a polyurethane fibre that stretches easily and can be made tight fitting without impeding movement. It is used to make activewear, bras and swimsuits. Olefin fibre is a fibre used in activewear, liningsand warm clothing. Olefins are hydrophobic, allowing them to dry Quickly. Lurex is a metallic fibre used in clothing embellishment.


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